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Apple needs to stop making pretty things.

No. REALLY. They. must. stop.

First, there was this, which will not only put the internet in your pocket, but now includes notes and a full email client.

It wasn't worth it to me when it debuted, but it is now.


And now... Well, now there's THIS.

Someone get me a drool-bucket?

It's not that the Air is something I need, and I don't even particularly want it (*); it's just that the Air represents the future of mobile computing, in a way I don't think the pundits have quite grasped, and I see that whole big picture, and I'm so excited to dive in, even knowing how impractical it is for everyday folks leading everyday lives.

It is lust, my friends. Lust for the future to be here, now, and for it to be as clean and beautiful and full of goodwill as this kind of innovation promises.

Yes, I am a vocal promoter of low-end computers, the used machines, the cast-offs. No, I won't be jumping the "old computers are useful" ship any time soon.

But daaaaaamn, do I ever see the appeal of the high-end today.


*this is a blatant lie

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Okay, too many Es. But still.

Date: 2008-01-18 11:49 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Personally, the lack of optical drive (okay, not THAT important) and the lack of wired networking (critically important) are kinda what doom the MBA for me. Then again, I'm all about Apple's desktops anyway.

The mobile system that forced me to dig out the ol' drool cup, though, was this one ( Wired and wireless networking, solid-state disk, NTSC-compatible (DVD-friendly) screen, and running a custom Linux distro - and let's face it, is there an OS in the world that's better than Linux? - all for $400 or less, depending on model.

And it's pocket-friendly too. Apple has awesome designs, but nobody knows how to miniaturize like the Asians.


-ADN ( (not like I've updated or anything)

P.S. The cake was a lie too.
From: [identity profile]
Is "cake" a reference to "Portal?" :-) It's so delicious and moist...

I've looked at the Eee PC, and while I think it does almost everything right, Linux has a way to go before it offers the kind of seamless integration I'm looking for in an OS. Don't get me wrong, I love the open source spirit and I LOVE that there are legitimate alternatives to MS and Apple, but for my personal machine, I'll stick with Tiger (Leopard has to prove itself for a year or two before I'll consider it).

Now, as for your issues with the MBA, the lack of an optical drive is handily taken care of with Remote Disc, although you won't necessarily have access to another machine in the field. ($99 for a slimline external drive is reasonable, though.) It's still a bit of a futuristic concept that people are having trouble accepting, but I think Remote Disc (i.e. turning the MBA into a NetBoot Server) will catch on. And the USB-to-ethernet adapter takes care of the wired networking issue - and it's small enough that packing it won't be a problem.

The market the MBA is targeting consists of business people on the world-wide travel circuit, suits whose companies will drop $2100 (minimum) for a Sony TZ for them, who already pack an external battery in the same compartment you'd put the slimline drive and ethernet adapter. I'm not saying the MBA is perfect, but it's definitely a long stride closer to what that subset of the market is looking for, and I think it'll sell well enough to merit a RevB with many improvements.

What I'm really hoping for? A 12" PB replacement with a multi-touch trackpad, LED screen and backlit keyboard. That would sell like hotcakes.


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