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I'm listening to a live stream and simultaneously reading live text updates of Steve Jobs' keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference. So far? REALLY boring. But then, I'm not a programmer/software developer. [edit] Not boring anymore!!!

I just can't wait to see what people do with the iPod touch/iPhone platform, and hearing about the changes in the code may be dry, but it's worth it. I'm learning. :-)

(And I really need a sooper-nurd icon of some sort.)

I have no idea why I'm so excited about this particular conference, since it's not the venue they usually use to launch new products, and as I mentioned, I'm not a programmer. I guess I'm just heavily invested after seeing all the speculation for the last month and trying for 20 straight minutes to connect to a site - any site - that was feeding live coverage. I'm jonesin' here!

... And that's really all I have to say right now. Will edit if anything thrilling happens.


Okay, here are some of the programs (as reported by TheMacObserver and MacRumorslive) people have developed. Some sound pretty frickin' awesome:

10:59 am In just 2 weeks, Digital Legends has brought an amazing looking 3D fantasy adventure game to the phone. Uses OpenGL and touch controls. A better experience than other mobile gaming devices. The game will be ready by September.
10:54 am Showing 2 medical-based applications. (Allison's note: this is a good argument for a slightly larger Mac touch tablet.) First, The first is a learning application for remembering the names of parts of the body. They will have dozens of apps available within weeks of the App Store launch. The second medical app is from MIMvista. Mark Cain will demonstrate it. He's showing us a CT scan that you can croll through by doing a finger slide or two finger side. It's pretty slick.
10:50 am Next -- The app shows today's games with live, detailed scoring. It also includes real-time video highlights, which are delivered right after the play -- not the game. It will be included in the launch of the App Store. Next -- Modality. The reporter skipped Modality, so here's the link.
10:48 am Band includes a virtual piano, drums, 12-bar blues "instrument", and a bass. All of the instruments sound very impressive and what you play can be recorded.
10:46 am Both games will be on the App Store at launch for $9.99 each. Next -- Band, written by an independent developer from the UK.
10:44 am Next -- Pangea Software. They have ported 2 games to the iPhone. The first game is Enigmo, which is a physics-based game. Makes advanced use of the touch controls as well as the CPU. The second game is Cro-Mag Rally, which is a 3D racing game -- the iPhone itself is the steering wheel.
10:42 AM] Interesting: AP made an app that collects news for your iPhone and also lets you upload content. "Everyone is a reporter" kind of thing. Also free when App Store opens. Mobile News Network.
[10:39 AM] Loopt: Social network app, location aware. Shows where you and your friends are on a map. Lets you see pics other people have uploaded. Free when App Store launches.
[10:37 AM] Sega showed off Super Monkey Ball. Over 100 levels, uses tilt controls. Will be available for $9.99 when App Store launches.

A HA! They DID announce the new iPhone!!!

iPhone 2.0:
Double battery life, thinner, plastic back, $199, 3G surfing speeds, more countries, 3rd-party app support.... Man, except for the lack of a front-facing camera for video-conferencing, this is an awesome package. Holy crap.

... I ...I kinda want one now.

It can be a business expense! I have to have a phone number for my business, right? And it's probably time I got a cell phone! Even though it's with AT&T... But I could unlock it....

Well, it won't be out for another month. I'll think it over.

(But I could play Super-Monkey Ball!)
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