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Hey folks, here's my new favorite search engine to help with eye-strain, which I've suffered from since college. On the off-chance you'd find it useful:

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Quick background: we have a couple collapsible cloth laundry hampers that the cats use as "forts" from which to attack and evade each other. It's pretty darn adorable, and the cats tend to claim a fort for awhile, lose it to the other, and then switch back again.

Further background: Pinball likes shoes. He rubs up against them, rolls in them... basically, they are his drugs.

So, I don't have pictures of this because I was so fascinated that I was glued to the couch, but here is a scene from our house last night:

Eric: Pumpkin, are you... are you LICKING the laundry hamper?
Allison: CAT! You don't need to groom the inanimate object!
Eric: Weirdo.
Allison: Look who's talking. Your cat is rolling in his drug haven.
[Pinball starts grooming Eric's shoes, rolling around, sticking his head in them, etc.]

Eric: I wish we had a picture of this.
Allison: I'll post it to my journal. Preserved for posterity for all time. ...Kitty dorks.


Sep. 10th, 2007 05:14 pm
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Any day you find a Viking ship under a parking lot has to be a good one, right?
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Okay, up until now, my gadget-lust has generally been satisfied by 10-15-year old gadgets. This was good because old stuff is cheap (and neat!), and I am poor.

However... Now, there is this:

Which, on top of the media portion, would put the internet in my pocket, without the need for a cell phone or contract with The Devil's Phone Company(tm), AT&T.

All well and good, right? And it's not much more expensive than the video iPod I had almost talked myself into buying before this came out.

But it's still a lot of $$$, and for something I don't need.

I just want it. BADLY.

*twiddles thumbs*

*chants mantra* ("The price will come down, the price will come down, I may actually end up needing this... somehow... for something..., the price will come down...")


Aug. 31st, 2007 01:43 pm
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This is cracking me up for some reason

The world where the Olympics motivate whole countries to be on their best behavior is so disconnected in my head from the world we actually live in.

But it's a nice ideal to strive for.
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Every once in awhile, I start to question whether I'm running out of steam answering feedback left for the Center through our website. When this happens, though, I invariably get a great response from someone I've answered, and that recharges me. For example, today, I got an email back from a guy I'd responded to thanking me for my help and for being "a real person behind these systems who is genuinely open to feedback." I know it's not much, but I don't need more than that to be happy and willing to continue doing this.

Yes, we have some complainers who will never be happy, but we have "real people," too, who have sincere suggestions and legitimate criticisms. It always goes better if I try to enter every conversation with the mindset that I'm on the patron's side. I'm not defending the castle against the barbarian hoarde, but rather accepting the barbarian's point that, yes, the drawbridge is looking a little worn-down, and I'll send a note down to the maintenance guys to look into it, and thank you for mentioning it. Your interest makes us want to be a better place to invade!

...That metaphor got away from me a little.


Aug. 27th, 2007 03:22 pm
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Gratuitous Icon Post!

This is my new favorite icon EVAR. It is so much Teh Awesome that I deleted my "sad whirlpool" icon, as I have no need for a sad whirlpool when there is a Satchel in the world. *

Oh, Satchel...

*Not at all because LJ limits me to six icons.
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Hey guess what? We moved! Into our new home, still in Champaign. Same phone number, same email, new address. Email me for it if you want it!

Let's see, what all's been happening? Well, the kittens were terrified of the new house: it's a three-bedroom duplex, much bigger than the one-bedroom cave over which they previously ruled. We have been here since Wednesday, and they're only just now coming out of their hiding places and acting like themselves.

Surprisingly, Pinball was more reluctant than Pumpkin, who is known as the world's biggest scaredy-cat. I think Pumpkin didn't seem as scared because he's always been a little jumpy. Pinball has always been very trusting and curious. So with him, we broke trust. Pumpkin has always expected the world to end, so this was merely confirming his theory.

But anyway, enough cat psychoanalysis. They're fine, getting settled in, and seem much calmer. Eric and I are getting settled in pretty quickly, too. I'll put pictures up here some time this week so out-of-towners can see how MASSIVELY HUGE this house is. O. M. G. We would fit comfortably in half of it, I think. And that's not even counting the basement.

We have three bedrooms, a full kitchen, full bathroom, living room, and basement. All hardwood and tile, lots of windows and lovely light, our own, newly constructed ramp, and more built-in storage than you can shake a stick at. Holy crap, we have a house! (It's almost like I'm a grown-up, married adult or something.)

Ooh, ooh! And we have our own washer and dryer! And it's down in the basement, so Eric's lifelong dream of not having to do laundry ever again has come true. Of course, it's an even trade. Mr. Anal Retentive likes, and therefore will be folding all of our laundry. Heh.

{Brief aside to note that one kitten is currently asleep on top of a six-foot bookshelf where I can't reach him, and the other is perched behind me with a leg hanging off the shelf, twitching with kitty-dreams.)

What with getting the movin' out of the way, I actually got a chance tonight to talk to some friends for the first time all summer (not counting the wedding). If I haven't called/emailed you in awhile, I'm very sorry and I miss you! I'm definitely planning to touch base with everyone soon!

Hmm, oh, okay, other big news - for me, at least - is that I'm now full-time at Krannert. More hours, more duties, less sleep... It's good, though. I've been wanting to do more, and since it's certain that we're going to be staying in town for at least another year, I can focus on it and not feel like I'm going to be leaving people hanging soon.

I really can't think of anything else to talk about that doesn't necessitate pictures, so I'll leave off for now. I feel like I've been off the radar much longer than the two weeks or so since my last post - what's new with you all?

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A short story in images that addresses a common, painful situation wisely and well.

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So, here's me sharing links to things I care about and hope other people will, too.

One, it is International Blog Against Racism Week, and that link will take you to the [ profile] ibarw LJ community, which includes boatloads of excellent links.

Two, there is a bill being proposed in Ohio that would compel women to get the father's consent before terminating a pregnancy. This would include victims of rape and incest. I think it sucks, and so do several people whose opinions I respect.

I think I'm gonna write a letter.

Third, and final, many of you are probably unaware of how precarious the current state of the Internet and internet access is, so learn a little more and save the internet.

I have strong opinions on all of these subjects, but I can't overcome the angry buzzing in my head right now, so if you would like a good discussion, let me know. Until then, I need to go buy a punching bag and let off some steam.

[edit] Okay, not final, because THIS? This makes me ILL. And there's a TV show coming out this fall with one of my favorite actors (Joshua Malina) that is based on this premise, and that makes me both ill and SAD.
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YAY, cephalopods!
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Grammar Ghost takes this shit extremely seriously

Also, I feel an incredible urge to go around shouting "SOUL EAT" at people who annoy me.

*loves on AZWP*
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We're moving in a few weeks, as many of you know, and part of that process includes getting rid of crap. Lots and lots of crap. ...Hopefully.

The four greatest resources for this are:

and Students

I didn't want to pawn our hideous couch off on friends, so I decided to try the remaining three. So far, I've had SIX bites from my Craigslist post. It was damned entertaining to write, so I share it with you.

Pictures behind the cut )

I have a nice sermon on the quality and usefulness of old things, even ugly old things, but I'll refrain because you've probably heard it from me before. In the meantime, if you have any crap you want to give away that isn't suitable for friends, Goodwill, or Salvation Army, try the above list, and by all means, try to have as much fun as I did!
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365 Days Project

And I think I have a song from 2003 that they put up that I found randomly on the internet. I heart the internet.


Jul. 12th, 2007 12:50 pm
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Sometimes, I think they say these things to manipulate the public. Other times, I think they're just stupid. But most of the time? Most of the time I think they do it expressly to bring me joy.

"We can categorically state that we have not released man-eating badgers into the area."
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For folks who appreciate a good tune, I offer the following for as long as YouSendIt allows:

Check out links behind the cut. Copy the URL and paste, then change hxxp to http )

The links should work for seven days. If a link doesn't work or you miss the seven-day window, comment and I'll re-upload. If you want to know what a song is like before grabbing it, just ask.

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