Dec. 10th, 2007

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You know how some people collect things (snow globes, Pillsbury Doughboys, stamps, whatever), and their friends and family latch on to that and give them nothing but that thing for every birthday and Christmas and "just because" for the rest of their lives?

Yeah, it works the same way with "I want to be a [insert career] when I grow up."

Basically, in the last few months, I've made a few declarations here and there about wanting to be a computer consultant after I leave Krannert, and now I have so many computer projects that I don't know what to do with myself.

I don't want this to be taken as complaining! I'm thrilled beyond belief to discover that there isn't much of a market in personal computer consulting yet, at least not in C-U, but that people are interested in what I have to offer. That means I might actually be able to scrape together a living from my dream career. Knock on wood.

But there comes a time, also, when you have to stop taking requests for a little while and work through what you've got. How else will you stay sane?

So, anybody out there for whom I'm locating a computer and/or developing computer lessons, you're in under the wire, no worries.

But as of right now, and for the next month or more, I'm not doing any more laptop-hunting or taking on any more "pupils." I've got enough in the works and on the back-burner that I should be plenty stressed busy through the New Year.

Now, time to go put together some basic computing lesson plans. :-D


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