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Hey folks,

I've written and scrapped at least half a dozen "Goodbye, LiveJournal" posts since I first joined... what, five years ago? But this is the last one. The official "I don't ever post here anymore; all I do is read up on my friends' lives once a week" message.

Seriously, it's been months since I've posted, and at least a year since I've felt at all emotionally invested. And my friends and I keep up just fine in other ways.

So I'm done.

Not deleting the account, and I may still surf the flist every now and again, but if you haven't already written my LJ presence off, you might as well now.

If you need another way to contact me, ask for my email in comments!

Love and hugs,
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That's it; I'm definitely giving up TV. What's the point of investing even one iota of emotional energy in something that could be arbitrarily cut off at a moment's notice with no possibility of resolution?

When the digital transition hits (*), our TV will not be making the leap with it. We'll rely on other forms of entertainment, and I'll find a way for Eric to still be able to get his weekly dose of football.


(*) And don't even get me started on what a con job THAT is.
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Hey all,

In case you don't read the LJ-news feed, they're up and moving to Montana tomorrow, which means no posting, reading, editing, etc on LJ for 4 - 6 hours starting at 8a.m. Pacific Time.

Don't panic. It will all be back the way you expect by tomorrow night.

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Star Wars/Tribute to John Williams - Accapella (Definitely listen to this in the high-quality version; it's awesome.)

Nintendo Accapella

ETA: Mortal Kombat in Central Park Crappy video quality, but still funny as hell!
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ACORN "scandal" put to rest.

Not that it'll make much of a difference to anyone already swallowing the McCain Campaign Kool-aid.
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This, in short, is my position on 'pirating'.
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FCC calls for investigation of U.S. military generals and broadcasting agencies spinning the Iraq war.


"'The American people should never be subject to a covert propaganda campaign but rather should be clearly notified of who is sponsoring what they are watching...'"
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Okay, forget all my cryin' and moanin' from the last entry. My long-time friend Andy is getting married! I'm so happy I'm dancing at the office!!!!

Congratulations, Andy! Bring Stephanie out to Champaign sometime so I can meet her and hug you both TO DEATH! (Except, y'know, without the death part).

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I'm listening to a live stream and simultaneously reading live text updates of Steve Jobs' keynote at the Worldwide Developers Conference. So far? REALLY boring. But then, I'm not a programmer/software developer. [edit] Not boring anymore!!!

I just can't wait to see what people do with the iPod touch/iPhone platform, and hearing about the changes in the code may be dry, but it's worth it. I'm learning. :-)

(And I really need a sooper-nurd icon of some sort.)

I have no idea why I'm so excited about this particular conference, since it's not the venue they usually use to launch new products, and as I mentioned, I'm not a programmer. I guess I'm just heavily invested after seeing all the speculation for the last month and trying for 20 straight minutes to connect to a site - any site - that was feeding live coverage. I'm jonesin' here!

... And that's really all I have to say right now. Will edit if anything thrilling happens.


Okay, here are some of the programs (as reported by TheMacObserver and MacRumorslive) people have developed. Some sound pretty frickin' awesome:

10:59 am In just 2 weeks, Digital Legends has brought an amazing looking 3D fantasy adventure game to the phone. Uses OpenGL and touch controls. A better experience than other mobile gaming devices. The game will be ready by September.
10:54 am Showing 2 medical-based applications. (Allison's note: this is a good argument for a slightly larger Mac touch tablet.) First, The first is a learning application for remembering the names of parts of the body. They will have dozens of apps available within weeks of the App Store launch. The second medical app is from MIMvista. Mark Cain will demonstrate it. He's showing us a CT scan that you can croll through by doing a finger slide or two finger side. It's pretty slick.
10:50 am Next -- The app shows today's games with live, detailed scoring. It also includes real-time video highlights, which are delivered right after the play -- not the game. It will be included in the launch of the App Store. Next -- Modality. The reporter skipped Modality, so here's the link.
10:48 am Band includes a virtual piano, drums, 12-bar blues "instrument", and a bass. All of the instruments sound very impressive and what you play can be recorded.
10:46 am Both games will be on the App Store at launch for $9.99 each. Next -- Band, written by an independent developer from the UK.
10:44 am Next -- Pangea Software. They have ported 2 games to the iPhone. The first game is Enigmo, which is a physics-based game. Makes advanced use of the touch controls as well as the CPU. The second game is Cro-Mag Rally, which is a 3D racing game -- the iPhone itself is the steering wheel.
10:42 AM] Interesting: AP made an app that collects news for your iPhone and also lets you upload content. "Everyone is a reporter" kind of thing. Also free when App Store opens. Mobile News Network.
[10:39 AM] Loopt: Social network app, location aware. Shows where you and your friends are on a map. Lets you see pics other people have uploaded. Free when App Store launches.
[10:37 AM] Sega showed off Super Monkey Ball. Over 100 levels, uses tilt controls. Will be available for $9.99 when App Store launches.

A HA! They DID announce the new iPhone!!!

iPhone 2.0:
Double battery life, thinner, plastic back, $199, 3G surfing speeds, more countries, 3rd-party app support.... Man, except for the lack of a front-facing camera for video-conferencing, this is an awesome package. Holy crap.

... I ...I kinda want one now.

It can be a business expense! I have to have a phone number for my business, right? And it's probably time I got a cell phone! Even though it's with AT&T... But I could unlock it....

Well, it won't be out for another month. I'll think it over.

(But I could play Super-Monkey Ball!)
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I've been reading through the archives at (which isn't for everyone, but makes for damn good reading if you're a hard-core computer nerd), and I happened across Joel's review of an LG cell phone that was also an mp3 player from back in 2006. It would be fair to say that it's one of the most stinging, hilarious reviews of anything that I've ever read. Thus, dear readers, I share it with you:

"In the meantime, if, say, hypothetically, you were pausing because you live in a country where the police brutalize people, and a policeman was brutalizing you, and you wanted to stop the music so you could try to figure out what the policeman wanted and perhaps there was some way if you could just hear him that you could get him to stop beating you with a riot bat, you’re already DEAD by the time you figure out how to make the pause button actually pause."

Read more

Incidentally, if you're at all interested in reading well-written, highly-knowledgeable articles about programming, customer service tips, how to interview/be interviewed, nuances of ancient software code, themes of design, and anything else under the sun that's supremely nerdy, you should check out Joel's stuff.
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In which Allison says, "Okay, my plate is full; new projects will just have to wait."

If I'm currently looking for/slated to fix something with your computer or laptop, you're in under the wire.

I'll be available for new projects starting April 28th.

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A couple of you have bought computers from me, or have gotten recommendations from me, at least. I try to get you the best possible machine for your money, right? I'm up-front about what you're getting, and if there are problems, I try to fix them promptly.

So why don't other computer resellers do that?

I just picked up a seven-year old Dell Inspiron for a client, and whereas I would have reinstalled Windows, brought the system up to date, and installed some sort of anti-virus, the guy I bought it from left it in a mess. And not just the software, but the hardware. It's missing KEY screws, and that wasn't disclosed to me. Granted, I should have taken more time to examine the thing, but it was 34 degrees out, and it booted up and looked fine.

Later on, I discover that it works, sure, but the screen could separate from the rest of the laptop very easily, and the hard drive could just FALL OUT. Automatic updates and system restore were OFF, he sloppily deleted programs (oh, but just their shortcuts - all the program files and support files were still cluttering up the disk), and the damn thing isn't even clean. At least wipe off noticeable crap from the LCD, okay?

I like the guy I bought this from. He's got ADHD out the wazoo, but he's easy to get along with, and he's a good trading resource for random PC/laptop parts. But this is the first time I've actually bought something from him, and I'm honestly not sure I'll ever do that again. His definition of "ready to be sold" differs vastly from mine, and I don't always have time to put in the work it would require to bring things up to snuff. I want to be able to give my clients a timetable and a guarantee. I can't eat the cost of a replacement screw set every time I need to buy a used laptop.

...Bah, I'll stop ranting now. I'm just really, really annoyed, and I have to face my client tonight with an inferior machine that will need servicing in a week, which means I'll be intruding on his life again. I want to make things as easy and unobtrusive as possible for clients, and that doesn't seem to be as easy as it should be.

Signing off.
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Hi Caty!

Comment here so I can friend you!
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Apple needs to stop making pretty things.

No. REALLY. They. must. stop.

First, there was this, which will not only put the internet in your pocket, but now includes notes and a full email client.

It wasn't worth it to me when it debuted, but it is now.


And now... Well, now there's THIS.

Someone get me a drool-bucket?

It's not that the Air is something I need, and I don't even particularly want it (*); it's just that the Air represents the future of mobile computing, in a way I don't think the pundits have quite grasped, and I see that whole big picture, and I'm so excited to dive in, even knowing how impractical it is for everyday folks leading everyday lives.

It is lust, my friends. Lust for the future to be here, now, and for it to be as clean and beautiful and full of goodwill as this kind of innovation promises.

Yes, I am a vocal promoter of low-end computers, the used machines, the cast-offs. No, I won't be jumping the "old computers are useful" ship any time soon.

But daaaaaamn, do I ever see the appeal of the high-end today.


*this is a blatant lie
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You know how some people collect things (snow globes, Pillsbury Doughboys, stamps, whatever), and their friends and family latch on to that and give them nothing but that thing for every birthday and Christmas and "just because" for the rest of their lives?

Yeah, it works the same way with "I want to be a [insert career] when I grow up."

Basically, in the last few months, I've made a few declarations here and there about wanting to be a computer consultant after I leave Krannert, and now I have so many computer projects that I don't know what to do with myself.

I don't want this to be taken as complaining! I'm thrilled beyond belief to discover that there isn't much of a market in personal computer consulting yet, at least not in C-U, but that people are interested in what I have to offer. That means I might actually be able to scrape together a living from my dream career. Knock on wood.

But there comes a time, also, when you have to stop taking requests for a little while and work through what you've got. How else will you stay sane?

So, anybody out there for whom I'm locating a computer and/or developing computer lessons, you're in under the wire, no worries.

But as of right now, and for the next month or more, I'm not doing any more laptop-hunting or taking on any more "pupils." I've got enough in the works and on the back-burner that I should be plenty stressed busy through the New Year.

Now, time to go put together some basic computing lesson plans. :-D
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But... won't the highly-organized, hi-tech-usin' thieves just incorporate metal-detectors into their routines, now? SLOPPY WORK, THERE, FRENCHIES.

(P.S. I actually have a great deal of affection for the French, but this article was just plain silly.)
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On the Chambana Craigslist Computer Bulletin Board:

"Data Center Space" (Location: Underground)

"We are an underground data center located in the rural Midwest. We offer full and partial racks of server space in a bunker that is virtually immune to any type of disaster. We are seeking to [sic] clients who understand the importance of security and redundancy. We have plenty of back up power and truly diverse fiber. Contact us for more information."

... Are ya preparing for the Apocalypse, there, boys? Well, all righty, then. When WWIII comes, you'll be the only internet provider out there, broadcasting from under some cornfield in Iowa. Thumbs up, chums.
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